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should i join in the trend and post my summer schedule? [Jun. 12th, 2008|03:30 pm]
well, i don't care what you answered because I'm going to anyway (wow, that's a great attitude to have as a teacher, huh?)

June 13th - Last day of work at ARB (it's unlucky - friday the 13th - because I'm leaving!).  and Las Vegas-themed going away party!
June 14-18th Father's day, seeing little kittens, saying goodbyes : (  packing like a crazy woman, visiting breakthrough sacramento
June 19th (morning) - Paul and I leave for Las Vegas!
June 19th-23rd - Looking at apartments, exploring the city.
June 24th-29th  - Paul leaves and I start Induction in LV
June 29th-August 2 - Institute in L.A. - teaching summer school, workshops, training, essentially no free time from 6:30am-10:00pm M-F, haha.
July 11th-14th - Diiiiisssssnnnneeeeeeyyyyylllllaaaannnnnddddd.
August 2nd - Back to Las Vegas, moving into an apartment.
August 3rd-24th - Orientations, Round O Unit Planning, start teacher contract.
August 25th - First day of teaching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pretty crazy.  i won't for sure be back in sac until thanksgiving.  plus christmas.  and for spring break i'm going to D.C.!!!!

....memorize all this.  i expect you to know exactly where i am at any given moment.
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Because Eunice was so awesome about following through... [Apr. 21st, 2008|09:18 am]
MY Ranking of the Men in The Office:

    1.    Jim Halpert (really in a league of his own)
    2.    Ryan Howard (although the cockiness and the beard are Mos Def not working for me.)
    3.    OSCAR Martinez (for SURE, surprised he was so low on Euni's.  although no one should have that name.)
    4.    Andy Bernard (OMG, when he sang that song for Angela with his friends harmonizing over the phone?  That KILLED me : )
    4.    Roy Anderson (but like Eunice mentioned, not really for the personality)
    5.    Darryl Philbin (his song for their commercial was nothing less than a stroke of genius.  I think he and Kelly are really cute together.)
    6.    Michael Scott (for all his awKwardness, he is fundamentally sweet.  I think Jan is HORRIBLE for him).
    7.    Toby Flenderson (he does have moments of hilariousness, but a lot of times I kinda forget he's there.  sorry, euni!)
    8.    Dwight K. Schrute (I think contacts and a different haircut would really serve him well.  although I might end up like Jim and always                       be half-making fun of him)
    9.    Stanley Hudson (his freckles are AWESOME.  he's kinda loveable).
    10.  Bob Vance (haha!  I had to throw a random one in there, too.  ranked here because I think that it would be easier to get used to the                         constant "Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration" that the straight-up and constant bizzareness of the last 3.)
    11.  Kevin Malone (the hilariousness of his band nonetheless cannot make me forget that I'm almost always mildly annoyed by him).
    12.  Creed Bratton (the paranoia?  the obsession with drugs?  the OLDness?  yeah, pretty skeevy).
    13.  Mose Schrute (I feel like if we ever dated my end of the conversation would always be "Mer?!  WHAT are you DOING?!"  he's so weeird.)

Alright, let this entry be a standing challenge to everyone else to do the same.
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1.it's been a while since i've written. 2. it's good to reflect on happiness. 3. time for a list-t [Apr. 15th, 2008|02:57 pm]
20. Crossing things off my To-do listThere is a ridiculous amount of paperwork-type things to keep track of for Teach for America, having to do with applying to school districts, applying to grad school, getting ready for summer training, etc.  I just sent out a big envelope of such papers to Las Vegas, and made some phone calls I have been avoiding.  There's not much else I need to do besides reading.  And that is pretty damn glorious.

21.  Making Lists.  Which means even doing this right now is enjoyable.   I liked how no matter what I typed in the subject bar of this entry, it had examples of my recent searches, titles of e-mails, etc.  I figured an alphabetical tribute was in order:

22.  Netflix.  It combines my love of movies with my (previously mentioned) love of making lists.  Plus, it's a really convenient way to catch up on some classic-type and old-school movies that I wouldn't really think to rent otherwise.  Like, I finally actually watched Forrest Gump all the way through (I know) as well as One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Air Force One, and Dr. Strangelove, all of which I had not previously seen.  And let's not forget the gloriousness that is The Office (Dwight singing "Ryan started the fire!" and Jim moving the entirety of Dwight's desk to the bathroom, and Dwight discovering this and sitting down to answer the phone were some highlights).  Any recommendations to add to my queue?

23.  Quotes from My So-Called Life.

If you go here you can find a highlights reel.

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Costume/Design Challenge Rules [Feb. 24th, 2008|12:34 pm]
Before the project runway finale party on March 7th, everyone will need to design and create their own outfit to wear,  with the winner receiving a fabulous prize!  The outfits need to be made out of either cardboard, duct tape, paper (newpaper, magazines, etc - I recommend paper bags) or some combinations of these materials.  You may also use glue, safety pins, etc to hold things together, and if you need to use an old tshirt or sweats, etc as a base that is allowed, but fabric should not be a main part of your design.  You can also use markers, paints, etc, for color.  I chose these materials because they are cheap and do not require sewing skills, and they can be used to create something as simple or as elaborate as people have time for.  If you have trouble getting materials please let me know and I will try to help you find them, as I don't want this to be an obstacle for anyone.

You should come dressed in you outfit and there will be a runway to walk!  Impartial judges will then rate and critique the outfits based on creativity, effort, and overall effect, and declare a winner.  After the judging we will watch the finale, eat, etc.  It's a good idea to wear something underneath the cardboard or have something to change into.  Please let me know if you have ideas/suggestions/others you want to bring/etc.

For those of you who need (warning: LOTS of pics under the cut)

P.S. if you have ideas for a song to play while everyone walks the runway, please let me know!
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OOH! AH! I wish I was in Oregon! [Feb. 10th, 2008|05:29 pm]
 19.  Yelp.com.  Totally the place to go when you want to find random destinations for an upcoming trip.  I mean, I knew Portland was awesome and all, but now in addition to the religious experience that is Powell's Books, I plan to visit a place that serves maple and bacon donuts, an elementary school-turned bar/movie theater/hotel/soaking pool, an eight floor mausoleum so intriguing someone created a scavenger hunt based on it,  and a pirate-themed 3D mini-golf place (that's right, Christa, I found it!   Or check out their website!    )  I was already freaking excited about the prospect of seeing Christa and Brooke next weekend, but now I am pretty much DYING to go!

P.S. Christa, it would be amazing if you could e-mail a few episodes of This American Life to me since I seem to be running low, and then I can get more once I'm up there.  You rock!
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Made-up words are bergflickl! [Feb. 7th, 2008|08:41 am]
18. MIKE STEELE.  Not only does he have a complete superhero name (able to organize scavenger hunts and solve complex mathematical equations in a single bound - his seeming obsession with sunglasses may also indicate a secret power of laser-eyes or similar) but he also makes lists and creates new words with reckless abandon.  Way to spread the joy, man, way to spread the joy.  Let's have lunch and return Shannon's ipod connector, haha.

P.S.  By way of explanation, the frequency of my updates to lj seems to be directly proportional to the amount of time I spend at work with nothing to do.
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And now, for an extra-patriotic installment of "Things that make me happy" [Feb. 6th, 2008|09:16 am]
15. This American Life.  {shout-out to Christa <waves!> i know you have liked this for a long time, but I catch on late, okay?  also, thanks for the good luck yesterday, it helped soothe my panic over getting lost, haha}  It reminds me that people are endlessly fascinating.  My favorites so far are the episodes on talking to kids "When they don't have anything else to say to you, they ask 'how was school?'  I've been asked that question about a million times in my life'..."  and the one on matchmakers in which a woman talked about selling baby dolls / "arranging adoptions" at FAO Schwartz and watching the order the dolls sold out (white babies, asian babies, hispanic babies, white factory reject baby with flippers for hands, black babies...)

16. Nice strangers.  My interview yesterday was at a super-swanky office building in SF (I mean, on-site dry-cleaning?!  Not to mention an *incredible* view of the city) and while one of the other applicants and I were commenting on this someone in the elevator started talking to us - he wished us luck and gave us tips on working there, like where to get good sandwiches.  One of the other applicants gave me a pen - to keep!  It was a nice one, too.  Wrote really smoothly.  And when I was having problems with this parking meter thing - I know, I'm inept - someone actually got out of their car and helped me.  On the flip side, people who make fun of you for wearing a name tag are lame. 

17. Being able to vote.  I liked seeing all of the people with signs as I was driving around.  They all seemed really happy.  But I don't understand our whole voting "privacy system".  I mean, first they call out your party really loudly, which I don't have a problem with, but some might.  Then there's the elaborate "secrecy sleeve" and your little booth, but when you go to turn it in you have to completely take it out for all to see - and let me tell you, they look.  I guess you could turn it over, but you aren't really directed to do so, and it just sorta makes the whole previous ordeal sorta ridiculous - don't you think?  But I was really glad I could get back in time.  It kinda made me want to yell something.

In other news:  I am upset with my state.  We are not talking right now.
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T.T.M.M.H. ctd. [Feb. 1st, 2008|02:10 pm]
14. (Dessert)  Karma.  So today at lunch, I was at this sandwich place that has really good desserts, so I decided to get a lemon bar in celebration of it being friday.  The place is super crowded, and I load up with my water cup, metal-thingy with my order number, and the plate with the lemon bar, but as I am looking around for a table, slightly bewildered, everything shifts in my hands and the lemon bar lands face down on the dirty floor!  Yeck!  Someone glances at me and then goes back to their food, and I just slip into a seat sadly and then go back to retrieve my ruined dessert, which I do not have enough money to replace.  Not wanting to ruin my entire lunch, I decide that if I ever see someone drop some ice cream, etc, that they just bought, I will get them another one, because I know how heartbreaking it can be, or I'll pay for the next person's Starbucks in the drive-thru.  This cheers me up and I return to work with my do-gooder plan.  Then, when I get back my bosses are rounding everyone up for the branch mixer that I forgot is happening - and not only do they have sushi and edamame, but also APPLE PIE!  It beats lemon bars any day, and I decide that it is karma rewarding me for rising above, right?
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Things that make me happy...continued. [Jan. 31st, 2008|02:22 pm]
Because I am feeling bitter and restless, I have decided to continue my list in an attempt to cheer myself up.  Because there's a lot of pretty awesome things that I just don't happen to be thinking about right now...

9.  Steve Martin.  That man is incredible.  If I could take credit for 1/10 of the things that he has done I think I would become a pretty smug and egotistical person, haha.  Does anyone remember my birthday the year before last, how on the way back from the beach we stopped at Paul's house and watched The Jerk, and we danced around to that "pick a bale of cotton...pick a bale of hay" song?  I think someone was recording that...does anyone have it?  I loooove Shopgirl (book AND movie) plus there's Roxanne and Father of the Bride, and his autobiography is totally worth reading for the pictures alone (there are some from when he was a little kid working in the magic shop at Disneyland...CLASSIC!  I kinda secretly (or maybe not-so-secretly anymore) want to marry him...

10.  Crazy Asian Game Shows (especially Human tetris).  Want to laugh so hard you can't breathe?  Go to Youtube and search for Human Tetris.  Pay special attention to the facial expressions.  I don't know what it is about asian tv stations that allows them to produce game shows so much more zany and RANDOM than our own (probably less concern for human safety/potential lawsuits) but the creator of MXC is certainly a genius.

11. Cleaning out my closet/donating clothing.
My closet space is ridiculously restricted (basically two tiny closets shared between my sister, Paul, the pathetic remains of our childhood dress-up box, and me, but it doesn't help that I still have clothes from high school and even MIDDLE school.  I filled up 3 good-sized bags for Goodwill, and now I have so much more room, I can actually FIND my work clothes, and I'm ready to go shopping, haha.  I'm so inspired I might actually start hanging everything by color and type!  Weeeell, let's not get carried away : ) .

12. I've heard them described as "pocket surprises", but that sounds mildly dirty to me, so I am just going to go with the long-winded "finding-something-in-your-pocket (or drawer or car trunk, for that matter) that-you-had-forgotten-about-and-now-get-a-rush-of-excitement-upon-discovering".  Some recent discoveries:  In the great closet clean-out, I found this really cute printed skirt I had forgotten existed, while cleaning out my car I found a TWENTY dollar bill, and just today I found some trail mix in my purse which I am now enjoying (normally food item do not make good pocket surprises and can more accurately be described as "pocket horror" no matter how nicely colored the mold may be - mike, do you think dressing to camouflage mold would be similar to dressing to complement pink eye? - but this was purchased only a few days ago and besides trail mix lasts for ages anyway.  Yes, I have been cleaning a lot lately.  And yes, I know that I'm a wordy-as-hell English major - get over it! {end rant}).

13. The way that Paul says the most incredibly random words instead of cussing.  That's right, he actually says "Jimminy Cricket!"  I think my favorite might be "Sebastapol" and now that I have discovered that it is an actual place I am convinced that we need to visit there.  He also says "Micky, don't explode!" whenever my dog wanders into his vicinity, and it makes me wonder if he will behave in a similar way when he has small children.

Hey, I think it worked!  Feeling better...
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Burning Questions. [Jan. 29th, 2008|08:08 am]
Who invented seat warmers in cars?  Because I really want to kiss this person.  Seriously though, no matter how gross/sleepy you feel, you always end up just feeling warm and toasty like you're still under the covers, and the fact that this happens first thing in the morning really sets a positive tone for my day.  I don't have them in my car, but they make me so happy I'm definitely going to be looking out for them whenever the time comes to replace my treehugger nissan.

What kind of an interview lasts from 9am until 6pm?!?  The kind for Teach for America, that's what kind.  It's a little intimidating, I gotta be honest.  I'm a big fan of group interviews, because it gives me a little more time to think, and I've discovered that phone interviews are beautiful because I can have whatever notes I want to in front of me, but I'm worried about an individual interview that could last for 45 minutes, plus presenting a lesson plan and whatever a "problem-solving activity" means.  Everybody wish me luck!  Plus, it's on February 5th in SF and it's too late to register absentee, so I might not be able to vote...lame...support Barack for me, okay?

Where is everyone?  This is an open invitation to have lunch with me downtown, my treat, any weekday when you have a break in your schedule.  I would love to see you people.

Where am I going to be next year?  It's getting exciting.

Why does my sister have pink eye and why does she wear my clothes, etc, when she is uber-contagious?  It's pretty disgusting, poor thing, and I don't think I  am being ridiculous in my efforts not to catch it.  I was just sick for a whole week, I really don't need mucus gooping out of my eyeball on top of that...

Would you be okay with your boyfriend kissing another girl?  For a play/short film.  I think that as long as you trust a person it shouldn't feel like a threat, just mildly uncomfortable.  But what do you think?  What if you went to see the girl in another play, and the first time you saw her she was wearing a fake mustache, painted on bushy eyebrows, and talking like an old man.  Does that make it better or worse?
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